Ruby Country Fact Sheet


“The Ruby Country Partnership aims to benefit local people, local businesses and the local environment across Ruby Country.”

In particular the Ruby Country Partnership works to:

  • encourage profitable local businesses and services
  • increase profits for local businesses
  • market Ruby Country to encourage sustainable tourism
  • develop a voice and network for local communities and local businesses
  • conserve and promote the unique environment and landscape of the area, including the internationally rare culm grasslands
  • provide a way for public funding to be secured and spent in Ruby Country to ensure a sustainable and secure future for all who live and work in the area


Ruby Country is defined as the forty-five parishes around and including the market towns of Holsworthy and Hatherleigh.


The current funding ended in April 2013


The Ruby Country Partnership is a not for profit company limited by guarantee which has taken over as host for Ruby Country.

The Partnership is based at Cookworthy Forest Centre, but all communications to Holsworthy Information Centre on